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Antique Roll Top Desk Ideas – Why are antique roll top desks still sought these days? One need not be an antique collector to appreciate the appeal of this kind of piece. Whatever era it may be, this piece of furniture will always be functional and stylish. Antique roll top desks were manufactured as pieces made for writing. In the time before laptops and cell phones, people mostly communicated by writing. This is the reason this kind of desk was ubiquitous in houses and offices. It is said that this desk was created in the 19th century by Abner Cutler, who owns Cutler Desk Company. He made a unique piece by adding a flexible tambour to an ordinary desk, just so he could cover the desk and all items in it when he was not using it. In 1850, he got the patent for it.

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Back in the day, antique roll top desk had multiple compartments; these were for the storage of quill pens and writing papers, letters, bills and ledgers. Those which are found at present still have many compartments, but these are for the accommodation of more modern needs. Rather than store letters and ledgers, the storage spaces house CDs, keyboards and the like.

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Contemporary furniture is commercially manufactured, but antique roll top desk are exquisite masterpieces in themselves. These are examples of exceptional craftsmanship: huge, highly detailed desks created from natural wood. The maker even leaves his stamp on his creation. Those who want to own a remarkable piece such as this kind of desk need not worry. Antique sellers, especially those found online, have some in stock. They keep them in their original forms, and offer to have the piece delivered in the buyer’s home. The customer has the option to refinish antique roll top desks, but the added service comes with expense.