Awesome House With Rooftop Patio Ideas

Rooftop patio ideas of a building is sometimes thought to be a lost area; only waterproofed so that the interior is protected from the rain. This concept is discarded, when you verify that you can do in that space. A real terrace with different functions, practically it is an extension of the social area. From a room to a space to rest, with the privacy that gives the isolation of the rest of the house or a garden with gazebo, to enjoy the landscape.

Posted on April 30, 2021 Patio Ideas

The wooden pergola can be part of a project to partially cover it with some vines, such as bougainvillea. The table for four posts ready to receive some snacks and spend a few hours of scattering. When an artificial turf is placed on rooftop patio ideas, the level and slope that should be directed to the drains, which are located on the roof floor, must be taken into account.

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These must be perfectly located and clear, so that the rainwater runs towards them and no annoying puddles are formed. Small rooftop patio ideas that gives shade to those who enjoy this new space recovered as a social area, is very light. The structure of this roof can be made of wood or metal and on it a mesh of vegetable fiber that serves to let the breeze pass and give shade, to this table with its chairs for a casual meal.