Beautiful Desk Name Plate Style

Desk name plate – At the company’s annual recognition lunch, all employees received beautiful plates with the names of desk. Each glass plate was engraved with the company logo and personalized with the name of the employee. At the end of lunch, a relatively new employee commented: “I have worked in many places, but this is the first place I have been given a beautiful nameplate. It shows the amount of these values ​​of the company and values ​​its employees. ”

Posted on June 13, 2021 Accessories

With its excellent clarity and brightness, glass desk name plate is the ultimate in elegance. It cannot be surpassed by the luxury elegance. However, high plaques with quality names can be made from a number of other materials. Glass, for example, has a fresh, clean and modern look. Acrylic plates with the names of desk have the appearance of glass without being so heavy or fragile.

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Desk Name Plate BlackSize: 1506 x 1000

Teacher Desk Name PlateSize: 1500 x 1125

Office Desk Name PlateSize: 1500 x 997

Desk Name PlateSize: 800 x 366

Desk Name Plate WoodSize: 800 x 600

Desk Name Plate WhiteSize: 1500 x 997

Desk Name Plate TypeSize: 800 x 480

Desk Name Plate ModelsSize: 1600 x 1195

In fact, acrylic weighs only half as much as crystal. The laser engraving on the back makes the name look as if they are floating. Marble symbolizes solidity, tradition and achievements desk name plate or attributes for any person or organization. No two pieces of marble are the same, so each marble plate is unique. By experts, engraving, these plates with strong names are spectacular and impressive.