Best Floor Scrubbers For Home Use

Cleaning and maintaining home flooring is indeed important to support the elegance and comfort. You will need floor scrubbers for home use. Battery walk and cord electric are available to choose from. For commercial uses, riding floor scrubbers are used but there are small ones for the home. On this post, I will review some of the scrubber products on the market today.

Posted on February 2, 2020 Tools

A very versatile scrubber is called Port a Scrub 12. It is a cleaning machine to work on all types of home flooring. I say all types of flooring! The machine is maneuverable extremely with quality of friendly to walk behind. Congested areas are perfect to have this machine for home flooring treatment.

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Cheap Floor ScrubbersSize: 768 x 982

Tile Floor ScrubbersSize: 737 x 1024

Small Floor ScrubbersSize: 768 x 768

Riding Floor ScrubbersSize: 1024 x 768

Hoover Floor ScrubbersSize: 768 x 768

Floor Scrubbers SearsSize: 768 x 768

Port a Scrub 14 has articulated squeegees in dual version. Open areas and close quarters are perfect to use this machine. This commercial machine floor scrubber has 4 height settings to ensure your convenience.

Other series are available and I Love the E series. Most recommended are E17, E20, E26 ECO, E24 and E28. The prices range from $159.00 to $1.999.99. They are already proven as best scrubbers for home uses today. You can learn some more references at Sears. I hope this post is useful as starting point for your search.