Best Staining Concrete Floors Ideas

Get rid of unattractive and boring looking of concrete flooring by staining yourself. In how to do staining concrete floors, acid stain gives a permanent finish. More colors beside earthy and tans can be created for some unique colors on the concrete flooring. You can do some experiments to make your own colors that loved to pour. The patterns and designs can be cut using a tile saw so that to create boundaries of color if you plan on applying multiple color staining in the project.

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It is always a good idea and highly recommended to remove any debris on the concrete floor before doing the staining. Wash it offer but not recommended to use any acid based cleansing products.

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Put on your safety gear! Google and dust mask are must have but you should also to ensure there is no exposed skin of yours from the beginning on your staining project. Have well ventilation so that the room is kept away from harsh smells and indeed this is for your own health too.

Doing the project in the night is best. Just without spending a lot of budget, you can simply transform the dull boring concrete flooring into a piece of art.  You can apply these quick tips onto garage, basement and other room with concrete flooring.