Build Wood Patio Cover

To build wood patio cover, you punch for 4 x 4 posts in each corner of your patio with post hollow excavator. The holes must be at least 18 to 20 inches deep. Second, measure the width and length of the courtyard from the holes you digged. Third, cut four 2 x 4 boards to the measurements you found in step 2. Lengths of boards must match the width and length of the courtyard in step 2.

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Third, set 2 x 4 boards along the edge of the terrace and secure the ends together with 2-inch screws using a drill. This will create a square frame wood patio cover. Fourth, put three 2 x 4 boards on top of the frame you created. Secure boards with 2-inch screws. Fifth insert 4 x 4 boards into the holes digged in step 1. Mix cement in the wheel barrel. Add water to the mixture until you have consistency pancake dough.

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Sixth, pour cement into holes until it is about 2 to 3 inches from the top of the ground. Place a level of 4 x 4 to ensure that each table is level. The curing time of the cement is dry. Seventh, lift the frame up to the top of the frame and fasten with the 2-inch screws. Two screws will be needed on each corner. Last, set the grid on the roof of the terrace covers and attach it to 2 x 4 boards with nails. And your new wood patio cover was done.