Building Corner Stand Up Desk

Corner stand up desk is also called a traditional corner desk. It provides two work spaces for those working in the office. Buy L-shaped corner desk can be an expensive operation, because you pay for wood, design and often brand. Building your own home can be done without breaking your budget. Also allows a homemade design to custom cut desktop surfaces that fit your home office and room layout.

Posted on December 5, 2020 Corner Desks


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Place the measuring tape horizontally on a wall that makes up the corner where you want to place the corner stand up desk. Decide how long you want the one side of the L-desk to be and write down the measurement.

Put down a sheet of plywood. Draw a straight line on the plywood by using the pen and ruler measuring the desired length of a side of the corner stand up desk. From one end of the straight line, draw a perpendicular line which measures the desired width.

Place a protractor on the other end of the horizontal straight line, opposite the vertical line drawn. Place the protractor directly on the end of the line, matches the end of the line to the center circle of the protractor. Cutting the two desk surfaces with a table saw. Use sandpaper to remove any chips that may be generated during cutting. Stand six table legs straight up and place plywood square on each leg top surfaces as an inch is visible around all four sides of each box.