Business Card Holder Desk Decoration

Business card holder desk – How to decorate your home desktop reflects your personality and can make quite a statement to customers who come to your home for business. To make your desktop look personal as well as professional, consider ways you can add a decorative touch to the desktop without hampering your work. Remember that if you have customers in your home, the decorative choices you make for your business card holder desk reflects your professional image.

Posted on May 4, 2020 Accessories


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Make an old wooden desk set off by gluing some decoupage designs on your bookcases, filing cabinets and chairs. Choose an image that reflects you or your home business. Apply decoupage any pieces that go with the desktop. This allows you to show off your pictures in a different way than hanging them on the wall in frames. Keep your business books between these bookends.

Create a tea or coffee stash and keep yourself warm pot close to your desk on a folding trolley. The self-heating pot will heat the water when you plug it in. Hang a French memo board above the desk to help you keep track of notes to yourself, business card holder desk, photos of professional events and ideas for your business.

Provide an extra chair or two if you have clients visiting your business card holder desk. See these match your desktop as well. Place a desk lamp to your desk. If you have a desktop that has a two-tier structure, place the lamp on the top layer; your light coverage will be better. Hang artwork above the desk. Choose one that fits the theme of the room or your business personality.