Ceiling Fan Wiring Installation

You need to correctly doing ceiling fan wiring! How to do it yourself ceiling fan wiring? This article tries to simply tell you about the installation. It is actually easier than you think. You can enjoy the elegant and cozy atmosphere with a finely installed ceiling fan. Let us get to the point then!

Posted on January 15, 2020 Home Ceilings

First of all, you need to ensure about electrical skill 100%. Yes, it is a simple task to easily be learned by reading reviews on the product. However, to make sure about no harm at all during the wiring, get everything readied for the prevention. Consider about the height of installation and other details related! You will need to consult to a pro if you are completely blind about ceiling fan wiring.

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Choosing the fan is one key to the installation. With lights or without, check the circuit capacity. You do not want to have it overloaded. The ceiling fans’ diameter should fit your room indeed.

So how about the wiring of your ceiling fan? You better to switch off the electricity power. Detach your ceiling fan to reveal its electrical box under. You have to make sure about sufficient support to properly hold the ceiling fan. Braces between the joists are meant to support the fan’s weight.

Connecting the mounting bracket into the workbox is the next thing to do. Use bracket and hook so that a lot easier in making the attachment to have pre assembled fan held. This is done while attaching your ceiling fan. After having the bracket in the right place, use wire nuts to connect the wires to each other. Then, you can do attaching the cover or canopy of your fan.

Last of all, have the blades and cover installed! Ceiling fan product like Hunter has specific instructions on this wiring. You can then test it by turning the power on.