Change The Color Of A Laundry Hamper On Wheels

Laundry hamper on wheels – Whether you have a plastic or wicker basket laundry hamper, most will inhibit last a very long time. Only real problem with the laundry hamper on wheels after years of use can be color. If you are just sick and tired of bright green laundry hamper on wheels you have had for over 20 years, or maybe you want to spend your white inhibits add some colors in the bathroom or bedroom, consider changing it inhibits color. Instead of buying a new laundry basket, buy some cheap spray paint to give it a mini makeover.

Posted on June 11, 2021 Laundry Room

Change the color of a laundry hamper on wheels; Lay some garbage bags on the ground to protect the floor from paint. Place the laundry basket on the bags and front of the protected wall. If you have a white tree, white plastic or light wood colored inhibits you might not primer. However, primer help you spend less coats colored spray paint.

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Change the color of a laundry hamper on wheels; Press the nozzle until you get a smooth flow of spray paint. Allow 24 hours for the primer to dry thoroughly. You can find spray paint in virtually any color and shade on a home improvement store or a hardware store. Put your finger on the nozzle, and again, wait until you have a steady stream of paint. Spray retardant in a fine mist from top to bottom. You may need two to three coats of spray paint to finish the job. Wait 24 hours between each layer of spray paint.