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IKEA laundry room – it does not have to be a dull and dark place that will just throw his dirty socks and sweaty shirts. Today we will give you great tips to redesign your bathroom washing machine, do not miss this tour. This space should be comfortable, cool and pleasant and at same time highly functional.

Posted on August 31, 2020 Laundry Room

First we would like to tell you some secrets; if your ikea laundry room is too small, you have to make it look bigger. It’s same with all other areas. You could stack dryer on top of washer and save some space for a narrow closet as always ensure that washer can handle extra weight without being damaged. Consider using space behind door, this will allow tenerm├ís room to move and also a place to hang clothes, rubber gloves, or perhaps to hide your detergent. Keep this always clean and clear as possible.

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A messy ikea laundry room makes it difficult to do laundry work; it becomes a task that is time consuming and frustrating, no one wants this to happen. If you plan to give or change color, our advice is to use light colors for walls and other furniture for laundry you may have. For better use of space you may also want to consider taking out a basket or a narrow sliding carriage between washer and dryer. Install a countertop above washer to create a smooth surface if there is no room for a separate table for folding clothes.