Corner Writing Desk Ideas

Corner writing desk – Ample workspace area with desk storage underneath is possible with a DIY corner writing desk. Maybe it’s hard to find just the right fit for your work or home office, and the only option is to have one custom made.

Posted on April 17, 2021 Corner Desks

Building Base

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Corner Writing Desk LargeSize: 1000 x 1000

For straight cuts, use a circular or table saw. A table saw is better for a smooth and even cut, but a steady set of hands can produce similar results with a circular saw. Curved corners are achieved using a jigsaw. Carefully follow the lines and then sand away any rough edges around the canvas top. Let the edges straight or router a decorative edge of the wood.

An easy way to build a base for your corner writing desk is to use existing cabinets. Choose your style of cabinets that feature drawers for supplies and files that the main bone of your desk. Use wood glue and screws to attach the cabinets on the bottom of the canvas.

If you prefer more customizable features, build a frame for your corner writing desk. Cut four pieces of the same type of plywood to at least 36 inches high and the width of the canvas. These pieces will serve as the legs will be placed evenly distributed on both sides of the L to stabilize the desktop. Cut the support boards to connect the legs from behind the desk and to secure them to the top to prevent wobbling. Reinforce all joints with wood glue.