Divided Laundry Hamper Plan

Divided laundry hamper – I grew up under the advice of my grandmothers and my mother how to perform laundry and how important it is to avoid the accumulation of dirty clothes to form a mountain. Today I teach my children these tips to follow the same procedure with clothes. It is that for many this task is a headache, but this happens when we have a good organization.

Posted on May 2, 2020 Laundry Room

Divided laundry hamper, you will take measures making lattices panel 2 equal cuts 48 “wide and 30” high and 2 equal courts 13¼ “wide and 30” high. It should be noted that the portion where the cut will be made will be the bottom of the laundry basket. That is, the top and sides will already bring the edge panel lattices.

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Divided laundry hamper you realize holes in the ends of the sticks 48 “. Then you begin to create the picture laundry basket. We take measures where you want put the divisions of the laundry basket. Then we cut off two pieces of wood panel that will 13¼ widths and 30 “high. In each of the corners make a shaped cut 1½ x 1½ L. In the wooden stick will be placed where the division makes a small depth of ¾ so we can insert the wooden panel for the division.