DIY Antique Brass Desk Lamp Combine Modern Style

Antique Brass Desk Lamp – I find them precious, both in their classic version and the most modern of different colors. They combine with all styles and retain their originality over the years, a sign of exceptional design. Well, with all the pieces in your hands you can start putting on your diy lamp. The first thing to do is to drill the base with a drill to allow the cable to exit. For this you have to use a drill for metal, otherwise, it is like boring the wall or a wooden board.

Posted on February 17, 2020 Accessories

With the base hole, you can now go to the assembly. It’s super easy, you just have to go through the simple cable (the one that has no plug or switch) through the different parts of the antique brass desk lamp in this order: Once done and with all the pieces adjusted, flex the lamp to see how many cables leftover below. Leave only 2 or 3 cm of leftover wire, cutting the rest.

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With the cable cut, the next step is to splice it with the own cable of the antique brass desk lamp, which includes plug and switch. For that, you need the clean. In this other post where I explain how to make a wall lamp diy I tell you very clearly how to do it. Fit the clamp into the weight hole and secure it with strong adhesive tape. To finish we tighten again all the pieces ensuring the joints.