DIY Computer Desk For Small Spaces

Computer desk for small spaces – When you need a computer desk, but the budget does not allow the advanced and less expensive does not fit the need, building your own plywood. This project is nothing more than to build a rectangle with a back in it and add a keyboard tray and some wheels. Some woodworking experience helps, but do not let the lack of it rob you of the experience and satisfaction of building your own computer desk of plywood.

Posted on February 16, 2020 Computer Desks

Start build computer desk for small spaces with inserting some glue 22-inch edges of the 34 half-inch plywood (shelves) and secure them between two 28 inch pieces of plywood (sides) on the top and bottom with or screws. Apply glue three edges of the remaining 34 1/2-inch plywood (back braces). Low box on the side of the back braces from you. Install cabinet member of the drawer image on the line according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Attach the remaining members of the drawer slides on 14 inch sides of the 14-by-34 1/2-inch plywood (keyboard tray) with the screws. Spread a little wood glue on the desktop to keep it at least one inch from the edges. Secure 4-by-4-inch pieces of plywood to the bottom corners of the desk or screws. Stand your computer desk for small spaces upright.