Drop In Laundry Sink With Drain Board

Drop in laundry sink – Laundry machine engineering design has changed in recent decades and that the design change was to remove the filter thread of the washing machine. It ‘brilliant’ decision by engineers the tools have left users tools with new problems because of the increased amount of fiber that comes out during the rinse cycle. If your washing machine empties into the sink, safe and easy way to deal with the new problems is to use fiber filter to trap the drainage hose of your washing machine.

Posted on June 12, 2021 Laundry Room

For homes that have a septic system and have at their disposal water flowing into the drain field, it is important that it remains sufficiently clear so that water can pass through the drain field and not get blocked. If drop in laundry sink rinses full non-biodegradable particles, they can eventually build up to the point where they will begin to make a blockage in the drain field. Households that do a lot of laundry created a lot of fiber build out in the spin cycle.

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Drop in laundry sink will eventually build up in the septic drain field and eventually attach to the solids to the point that water can no longer pass through the drain field, thus rendering useless the septic system. These fibers were filtered from the water drainage will keep your drain field free from this material that does not decompose. Over time, the use of fiber traps will extend the life and maintain the efficiency of your septic system.