Easy Install Desk Monitor Riser

Desk Monitor Riser – With a wooden board, metal legs and screws, you can make this monitor riser in less than three minutes. And if you buy the table to measure, you will have it in two minutes. Taking the base of your monitor as a reference, you can cut the table to the desired size, and if you have the same luck as me, you save time and effort, if you get a shelf to the desired size.

Posted on June 2, 2020 Accessories

I found all the materials on the internet, and instead of a board, I found a white wooden desk monitor riser with the perfect measurement for my monitor. The steps, as you imagine, are very simple. On one side of the table (the shelf in my case), we mark the correct position of the metal legs. Then, with the help of a hammer and a punch, we make small holes for the screws I throw a lot of punch in the works with wood because the surface is much cleaner, the screws come in effortlessly, and the wood is not cracking.

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Desk Monitor Riser WoodenSize: 1002 x 1002

Desk Monitor Riser StyleSize: 1000 x 600

Desk Monitor Riser StandsSize: 1000 x 1000

Desk Monitor Riser ShelfSize: 1200 x 678

Desk Monitor Riser IdeasSize: 1002 x 1002

Then, with a screwdriver manual or electric we put the screws without completely tightening until all have been presented, thus we avoid that the legs desk monitor riser move and then we cannot fit the screws in the hole that we have made with the punch. And ready, we already have our monitor riser.