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Patio cover plans – The final height of the posts and the support beam will be lower than the book on board, which allows water to drain. Extend the patio cover about 17-inches outside the front of the patio. Digging holes for the service were eight feet in front of the patio. Pack soil and place gravel in bed. Install treated 4-inch with 4-inch inserts. Use 2-inch with 4-inch braces to hold the posts in place until you pour the cement and it cures. Make sure the inserts are straight and level before adding fast cement. Build the crossbar by attaching a piece of 3/4 inch plywood between two 2-inch with 12-inch planks. You can also buy a pre-fabricated pressure-impregnated beam. Attach beams to posts with metal fasteners.

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The patio cover plans the roof beams should be long enough to give 17-inch overhangs. Use 2-inch by 8-inch and place those 24 inches in the middle. Attach beam shoe to the main board and install the roof rails. Attach the two end roofers to the main board first. Make sure the roof rails are straight. Attached metal rails saddle on top of the crossbar secure roof rails in the saddles.

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Start installing 5/8 inch plywood from the front end of the patio cover plans and work against installing plywood perpendicular to the roof rails and spreading the seams, which helps to strengthen the structure. Install plywood clips, which will keep the spacing between the blades and enable expansion and contraction of plywood. Apply cardboard or shell and stick weather barrier over the roof covering. Cover the roof with shavings or another type of roofing material.