Exotic Beauty Of Tigerwood Flooring

Beautiful color patterns are featured by Tigerwood flooring! It is hard and durable with stability to become indoor and outdoor home flooring. There are now engineered versions of Tigerwood for flooring. It is popular especially in Brazilian styles. Tigerwood is not only for strong flooring but also exotic furniture and boat. Its too strong quality makes it hard to install and may need additional cost in the installation.

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Pros and cons are always there including in Tigerwood as mentioned above. For an engineered version and lighter with easier installation, try out Tigerwood laminate flooring. Home Legend has the products online as well as Lowes.

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Brazilian Koa FlooringSize: 768 x 768

Tigerwood FlooringSize: 1024 x 685

Tigerwood decking looks cool and applying it interior will create really interesting home improvement ideas. The price is steep but for sure worthy if you want exotic beauty of hardwood flooring that trendy today.

For more exotic and warmly earthy color complexion, unfinished Tigerwood is a fine choice. Not only in rustic, country or farmhouse, the hardwood is also trendy in modern and contemporary living spaces. You will find the solid Tigerwood to easily blend with all furnishings and decor that already exist.

To see how Tigerwood flooring looks like and what it can do for home improvement, we have some pictures for you. Take a look, check the details and admire the exoticism of the solid wood. You will definitely fall in love with it.