Get Used To Working At A Cool Standing Art Desk Ikea

Art desk ikea – To get used to working at a cool standing art desk ikea, use the most comfortable shoes you can find, such as running shoes. Go up to your standing art desk and adjust the computer screen so that it is at eye level. Place a phone book or other solid support under the monitor if you need to raise it higher. Or adjust the console monitor shelf, if it has one.

Posted on April 14, 2020 Modern Desks

If you are using a laptop on the desktop, set the laptop so the screen is at eye level. Angle it back some possibly for optimal viewing. Shift your weight from one foot to the other often while working to avoid the leg and foot fatigue. Rest one foot on a stool or chair rung occasionally, or lean slightly to your cool standing art desk ikea from time to time. Change your attitude sometimes lowering the potential foot fatigue or discomfort.

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Put an anti-fatigue mat in your standing area for a day or so if your floor is not carpeted. Or if you need additional support and fatigue relief a mat provides. Take occasional sitting breaks to give your feet a rest from cool standing art desk ikea. Using a high stool or high chair so it’s still comfortable to sit near your desk when necessary. Walk or pace around the room for extra breaks from just standing in one place.