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In contrast to the freedom of awnings or the flexibility of patio cover designs, you can also opt for rigid enclosures. Your choice is determined, to a large extent, by the use you want to make of the area to be roofed, although, in any case, its installation may require specific considerations depending on where you are going to install them. Regardless of the material or design you choose for the enclosure of your terrace or garden, the structure that supports it is essential.

Posted on December 22, 2020 Patio Design

Some good pillars become the most appropriate base to give this space a solemnity and charm with certain classic reminiscences. The patio cover designs of your house are not a merely practical element. It can also be an attractive aesthetic appeal if you hit the right design. A structure based on squares gives this terrace an elegant and minimalist look very attractive.

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Another patio cover designs to protect your terrace or balcony without completely closing the space is the installation of awnings. At present there are many designs and even electrically controlled proposals that minimize the effort when deploying them. In addition, these elements can be combined with glass ceilings although they would lose, in part, the freedom they offer.