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Latest home improvement ideas are popular with wide plank flooring. Learn the styles and techniques of wide plank flooring here! It is quite interesting to create rooms we have always dreamed of. As one of the latest flooring trends, there are different styles to choose from with indeed different techniques to apply. I will make them as simple as possible for you.

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White oak hardwood is fashionable for a classic traditional style of home flooring in wide plank. Add elegance and warmth along with unique character with the oak wood!

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Hearth pine flooring that brushed can bring the casual atmosphere. It is certainly the perfect getaway Rustic charm and warm hues are featured very well.

Mountain homes show great elegance of casual styles. Hickory hardwood flooring can simply elevate any room’s style in your room with grain patterns and hues.

Bring the original modern oasis into your room with oak hardwood in white in soothing tones with also refreshing style.

Prefinished hardwood flooring has the ability to set any room with flair. You can simply pour your own personal taste based on available distinctive collections.

Do you really love the casual style to have in your rooms? The pattern of white oak grain will give you that. Variations of organic colors with inviting tones are for sure wonderful to see and feel.

There are more to learn about wide plank flooring styles and techniques. You better to consult to professional in your place to get more detailed references.