How Snow Damages Furniture, Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas – When you put your hard-earned money into patio decor furniture pieces, you want to make sure that you will protect that investment. Few people know how much damage that only leaves the furniture pieces in cold time that can be done two or two days. In this article we will show you why you want to bring your furniture in, or at least cover it in winter, to avoid damage that snow can do to it.

Posted on February 4, 2020 Patio Ideas

Plastic Furniture – Many people take the economic route to buy furniture outdoor patio decor ideas. This is not a bad idea, especially if you will leave it in winter. In the case of plastic furniture, winter weather can weaken it and make it brittle. Also, if there is a gap in the furniture already, the falling snow can seep into the crack, melt, refreeze and develop. This will cause cracks to become larger and damage more parts of your furniture.

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Furniture Cushions – The last thing you need to think about when it comes to furniture outdoor patio decor ideas is a nice comfortable pillow that you like on your patio furniture. Do you leave them in the snow? This is just as bad as leaving them in the rain. You see, snow will fall on them and then melt. This will sink into and stay there. Over time this can cause mold and mildew from wet pillows.