Install An Insulated Patio Cover

Insulated patio cover – The amount of use that you can leave a yard is limited not only by your free time. But also by weather conditions. Installing a patio deck with dry insulation, will keep your patio on rainy days. It will also provide shade and keeps the sun warm outside, making your patio a more comfortable place to enjoy. While the various isolated patio deck kits have specific installation instructions. The process generally follows the same general procedures to achieve a cover that will support the elements without damaging your home.

Posted on January 20, 2020 Patio Cover

How to install insulated patio cover, set up a ladder near the location of the patio cover installation. Examine the eaves under the roof of your house and fascia the wall to determine a suitable place for the installation of the headboard. Which is the horizontal bar that is fixed an insulated patio deck for your home. Choose a site that is robust and relatively smooth.

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Insulated Patio Cover KitSize: 3264 x 2448

Then for install insulated patio cover, apply construction adhesive on the back of the headboard that comes in the patio cover kit insulated with a brush that comes with the adhesive. Press the header against the installation site. Place the screws through it, into the masonry or wood studs on the outside of your home. And using an electric screwdriver or electric drill with a screwdriver bit. Use masonry screws instead of the screws included in the cover kit if you screw the header directly into brick.