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Bluestone patio ideas are a type of sandstone that is usually 1 to 2 inches thick and offers beautiful shades of blues, greens and purples. Building a blue stone patio is a do-it-yourself but rewarding rather complex project that offers many advantages, such as the possibility of saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the cost of hiring a contractor, as well as the pride that comes with the construction of something with their own hands.

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How to install bluestone patio ideas. Contact the local utility company to schedule an appointment for him to check any underground wiring in his desired work area. The utility company will spray lines in your yard to indicate areas where you should not dig. Mark the edges of the desired patio area with wooden posts and tie a rope around the outside. Measure each of the sides to ensure the dimensions are in line with what you are looking for.

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Buy your blue stones at a garden store or home improvement. For an area of ​​10 by 10 feet, buy approximately 1 ton of loose stone and 450 pavers that are 4 by 2 by 8 inches. Then for install bluestone patio ideas, dig a 6-inch deep hole in the ground in the area you want to build your yard. To install the flexible border on the outer edge of the entire area. Use a rubber mallet to hit the trim down so it is firm on all sides.