Installing Backyard Grill Patio Ideas

Backyard grill patio ideas allows you to enjoy a backyard cookout quickly and easily, at a fraction of the time it takes to light a charcoal grill. The 20-pound propane tank under your grill hooks up to the feed hose and pressure regulator supplied with the appliance. You can install the grill almost anywhere on a patio, deck or even surface on the farm. Follow standard safety guidelines for work with flammable gas.

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Place the backyard grill patio ideas at least five meters from buildings and furniture. A grill placed too close to an exterior wall can discolor masonry and brick, blister painted wood and distort. Set the filled gas tank below or next to the grill, depending on the model. Rotate the metal holder clip at the base of the grill so any grip with the feet on the gas bottle. Tighten the wing nuts under the grill to secure hold clips. This keeps the gas tank rolling.

Attach one or two couplers at the end of the regulator hose to the valve stem on the underside of the grill control panel. Depending on your backyard grill patio ideas model, you can have a single hose connection or a double connector, such as a side burner. Tighten clutches. Screw the larger connector on the other end of the regulator hose to the valve on the top of your tank. Draw this context only by hand to prevent cracking the clutch. Mix liquid soap and water in a spray bottle and shake to make solder. Unscrew the metal button on the top of the LP tank.