Instruction To Build Detached Patio Cover Plans

Detached patio cover plans – To build detached patio cover plans, starting with dig a 12-inch hole in each of the four corners of your patio. Place a 4 to 4 post anchor in each hole and fill the holes with pre-mixed cement. Let the cement cure overnight. Step 2; attach a 4 to 4 post to each postanker. Drill a 5/8 inch hole through both sides of each post and insert 1/2 inch bolts to secure the anchor post.

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Step 3; bore the same size holes at the top of each post. Attach a 4 to 4 post cap to each with 1/2-inch bolts. Step 4; attach a 4 to 8 post from a post cap to the cap on the opposite side. Attach another 4 to 8 insert over the other side of the detached patio cover plans parallel to the first one. Drill 5/8 inch holes through the post and attach them to the casing with 1/2-inch bolts.

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Step 5; layout 2-to-6-by-12 foot rafter boards each 16 inches on the center, perpendicular to the beginning post. The ends of the beams rest on the 2 to 8 posts. Secure them with 16-penny nails hammered at an angle, two on each side to prevent twisting. Step 6; cover the locks with 1-to-8 ship plywood. Place an 8-penny nail through the bearing in the rafter plates to hold them down. Place a nail every 12 inches. And your detached patio cover plans was ready to use.Building a detached patio cover,

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