Laundry Wringer Ideas

Laundry wringer – Wringers were once considered part of the necessary equipment in just about every home around the country. As part of the machinery used to wash clothes wringer was a device which is mounted atop a stir washing machine, and served as a means to push most of the water out of the cleaned clothes. The use of a wringer set helped prepare clothes for air drying on an open line or in front of the fireplace.

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The design of the laundry wringer device on early washing machines were very simple. Equipped with two rollers were mounted in the immediate vicinity of a small frame, wringer work using a hand crank to rotate both rollers at the same time. As the rollers facing, clothing was run through the small space between the devices. This helped to push or twist excess fluid from clothing. As a result, could clothes being placed in an outdoor line and dried in a relatively short time period.

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With recent versions of the washer wringer, the hand crank replaced by a small electric motor which can be activated by use of a lever or push button. This improvement in design and function made act of laundry wringer freshly washed clothes much easier. Unfortunately, this design does not include much in the way of safety rules, which left open the possibility of injury to fingers during use. The addition of mangles helped to minimize the chances of injury, which lack given some protection against accidentally get your hands near the rollers during operation.