Mardi Gras Decorations

Mardi Gras decorations should be able to make the atmosphere festive Easter celebration reception and also fun. Mardi Gras celebration is one annual event that is always celebrated by the Christians to welcome the arrival of Easter. This event is usually done by holding a carnival through the city past a number of main roads in the city. In addition to events around town carnival, Mardi Gras often filled with a number of arts festivals and sports followed by all Christian society. This event is considered very important because as a sign of the start of the Easter celebrations that will take place in the next few days. Ornament is often used during the celebration of Mardi gras is usually dominated by the color purple, green and yellow.

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The Mask Is One of Mardi Gras Decorations

Carnival held to welcome the Easter day was created with the concept very festive. Various events are held in order to make the carnival can be run in accordance with the expectations; the participants are also required to wear special costumes for the event took place. Costumes worn has a special characteristic, the characteristic of each costume is composed of a combination of three colors, i.e. green, yellow, and purple. In addition to having the characteristics using three colors, costumes which are used usually also come with a mask. Masks which are used during carnival takes place are also a special mask which can only be worn during the carnival. After completion of the carnival mask must be stored for use again next year.

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Mardi Gras for a Significant Event

Easter celebrations are held once a year to make this event so important to the Christians who run it. They will prepare everything to be running smoothly, including the carnival Mardi gras. At the time of Mardi gras takes place, all residents are required to follow all enliven the series of events. Various sports and arts competitions will be conducted in order to enliven the annual event to welcome the Easter. By the time the race all participants still required to wear special costumes and masks typical Mardi gras.