New And Fresh Louvered Patio Cover

Louvered patio cover shades a living space, open on the sides, overlooking the beach. The material of it is wood in the form of natural trunks. Of different thickness according to the work that each one does, very thick columns, medium beams. And on them the thinnest straps that possibly are treat bamboo. Covering the wall with bamboo, on the cover of the pergola, bamboo. This material is increasingly use for its easy production and little difficulty in working it.

Posted on February 10, 2020 Patio Cover

The appearance of this louvered patio cover wood. Its color, shape and texture that is achieve when use as a coating is very interesting. It is not good to support weight, as structural element is not highly recommend. Only with very specialize designs has been use in some structural projects.

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Highlighting the entrance space of a house has exaggerate the proportion of the dimensions of these wooden elements. Which are support on one side on a beam in the other embedded. Among the best woods for structure are: American oak, cherry, cedar, ash, maple, walnut … This louvered patio cover on the access corridor to the house, combines perfectly in texture and color with the main door highlighting on the white color of the walls and ceiling.