Patio Cover In Good Option

A good option to patio cover, which can have multiple uses, from a large open garage, to an outdoor room for meetings or parties. An interesting wooden structure that supports a roof of tiles on waterproofed wooden planks. This design and the place are ideal for a construction on the outskirts of the city. Other hardwoods for roofing among the European ones are pine, spruce, oak, ash, beech, and chestnut.

Posted on January 19, 2020 Patio Cover

Shading very lightly this patio cover is more an artistic design, for its circular design, letting the light that is reflect with a play of shadows on the walls that surround it. A design of light wood elements, inside square frames, forming modules that are repeat throughout the structure. Some horizontally parallel to the beams, others perpendicular to these, also horizontally. Very decorative design for a walkway or a terrace.

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A more romantic pergola for its natural coverage is this of the image. The vine has covered the structure filling this terrace with color and freshness. It can be a trinitarian, easy maintenance and propagation that cover it. The steel and wood combine in this patio cover a space in the patio of the house. The main steel structure supports a wooden framework and on it some sheets of acrylic protect the space from the rain and the sun.