Personalized And Decorated Clipboards

Decorated clipboards look more beautiful than the original one from the store. Even you can personalize the clipboard with your own picture. The nice clipboard will also make you more comfortable and confident when you have to bring it to the public. You even can create the design with a lot of ideas, colors, patterns that you like. And sure, it is not so difficult to make. You just need some ideas so you can make it by your own. Here are the ideas that you can do to make the clipboard with your own design.

Posted on October 19, 2020 Clipboard Decor

What You will Need to Make Decorated Clipboards

There are some of the things that you will need. First, sure, you will need the clipboard. You can buy it from many stores. Second is the sponge paint applicator. You will need both small and bigger one. Third is strong glue for paper. For this, you also can easily buy the paper glue in the nearest store to your home. Fourth is the scrapbook paper. You will need the paper with colors, patterns and design that you like for the clipboard. Fifth, you will need some beautiful ribbon colors.

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How to Make Personalized Clipboards

It is quite easy actually, to make or personalize your own clipboard. First you need to measure the clipboard surface that you need to be trimmed with paper. Second, measure the paper just exactly with your clipboard size. Third, apply the glue to the clipboard. Some types of the paper glue will need just a shorter time before it get dried or also there are other types that will let you to wait a couple seconds to make it better. Fourth, trim the paper to the clipboard. It is better to trim the paper carefully and slowly. The last is to beautify the clipboard you can use the ribbon.

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