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The evolution in the adaptation of the spaces, in particular, and in the design, in general, has resulted in a wide catalog of materials and structures for exterior enclosures. Laminated glass is one of the most popular patio cover material of all styles and you can combine it with metal or wood structures with spectacular results. Whenever the dimensions allow, you can opt for a partial enclosure or, what is the same, protect part of the terrace by releasing another space as an exterior garden.

Posted on March 17, 2021 Patio Cover

As we said, the use of transparent materials, will make the panoramic retains its charm but protected by the protection of a roof. What do you think about the corner of the garden? Romantic truth,  the wooden patio cover material this space with its cozy chair and accomplice, the little table next to it … The ideal place for a quiet afternoon with or without company.

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This space built in reused wood, with its hexagonal ceiling is a space to have it in the garden, the cushions of colored textiles, and contrast with the light color of the wood. An alternative to the secrecy of the glass are the wooden patio cover material. Its functionality is well known and, although they do not protect the rain equally, they have in their favor that allow the passage of the sun but also create shadow areas and give the spaces unquestionable warmth.