Problems Of Vinyl Patio Cover

Vinyl patio cover has many advantages over wood or decking compound. It is durable, requires little maintenance and resists stains, scratches and mold. It does not fade easily as composite decking, and has a higher degree of fire. However, if money, aesthetics or the environment is important considerations for you, then PVC covers may not be the best option. PVC covers cost between $ 7 and $ 12 per square foot in 2010, compared to $ 3 per square foot for the wood composite plastic and $ 5 per square foot for redwood or cedar covers.

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Vinyl patio cover does not contain wood make fibers like plastic wood, so it looks and feels like plastic instead of wood. Some people do not like this feature. In addition, PVC flooring reflects sunlight, and can be very bright. Some manufacturers add flax fibers to help reduce gloss. PVC deck is only available in a limited number of colors, including white, tan or gray. Although these colors tend to harmonize well with most houses, some people prefer rather well chosen.

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Vinyl patio cover not as strong as the wooden deck, so the cover can feel spongy when you enter it and, over time, it will warp. You can space the floor joists together if you want a stiff surface, but at an additional cost. PVC can be used for floors and railings, but it is not strong enough to provide structural support. Some manufacturers provide wooden posts with vinyl wrappers for a consistent appearance. PVC can be damaged and broken by hail and throwing stones.