Rolling Laundry Hamper From Old Window Screens

Rolling Laundry Hamper From Old Window Screens – Laundry is a household chore many do not wish to accomplish. Cleaning isn’t for everyone. Some people love to clean, some hate it. Whether it’s loved or hated, it has to be done. Are you constantly buying new hamper baskets because the plastic or wicker ones break?

Posted on April 23, 2021 Laundry Room

Old window screens are often thrown way when no longer usable. This doesn’t have to be the case. They have a new purpose, and that is as a rolling laundry hamper. This hamper is far sturdier than the cheap, plastic and wicker baskets. Four window screens make the laundry hamper. The screens need to be in frames. Frames are easy to make for screens. Window screens come in different sizes.

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Rolling Laundry HamperSize: 800 x 1201

The first step is to decide how large you want the screens of rolling laundry hamper. Once that is figured out, the frames can be cut and measured for the project. The screens need to come together like a rectangle. Each side needs to be nailed together to create the size. After assembling the four screens, a base for the hamper has to be made. A cloth bag secured to the rim of the hamper is one option. Another option would be to add a wooden base for the bottom. Either alternative is perfect for this project. In order to make this hamper movable, roller coaster wheels need to be attached with screws. Before you can add the wheels, a hole must be drilled into the bottom of the window screens. Four wheels are needed for this project. Roller coaster wheels are perfect for the laundry hamper. Wheels make anything move from location to location with ease.