The Basic Hydroponic Gardening Systems

Hydroponic gardening is a modern way to do gardening. Harvesting is more plentiful to enjoy with efficiency in time, effort and cost. You can plant herbs and vegetables in hydroponic way. Indoor and outdoor can be maximized with productive gardening design. There are about six basics of systems to do. This article will tell you about them in simpler and easy to understand sentences.

Posted on September 24, 2020 Gardening

Wick system – This one offers simple way to do hydroponic gardening. It is passive without any moving parts on it. The wick transports solution of nutrient into the growing medium from the reservoir. You can use perlite, vermiculite or pro-mix as medias to grow your plants. One of the cons about it is that the bigger plants need more nutrients.

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Water Culture – It is also a simple way. Floating platform is used on the nutrient solution’s top. It is an active gardening hydroponic. This one is popular especially in classroom that simple and inexpensive.

Flood and Drain – This hydroponic system works by temporarily fill the grow tray with nutrient solution as required. A submersible pump and timer are used by this type. It is an automatic way for simpler gardening system.

Drip System – It is the most common system in the world. A pump and a timer are used. This is also an automatic hydroponic gardening system without much effort at all.

Nutrient Film Technique – This is the most popular in how to do gardening hydroponic. No timer is used at all. Your plants can always have nutrient solution since of supplied continuously.

Aeroponic – When it comes to the most advanced system, this one is the star. Roots are left to hang in the air. You just have to make sure they are sprayed with nutrient solution adequately.

Fish tank, wall, tower and other possible media can be used for hydroponic garden. How to do it yourself the garden is simple and affordable. Learn more hydroponic for beginners now!Garden watering system,

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