The Idea And The Change In Composing Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Wedding ceremony decorations are important to be considered more and arranged perfectly because wedding is one of the most important events happened in our life. Wedding moment not only contains the humanism aspect but also the sacred one because it also relates to the religion tenet about the law of living together between different sexual types of human. Because of that, this kind of decoration also must contain the both of the aspects, the aspect of humanism and the sacral aspect of ritualized moment of religious tenet.

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The Common Characteristics of Wedding Ceremony Decorations

This kind of ceremony needs minimally the perfect combination between the color and the furniture used. Since wedding becomes the important moment and the celebration must contains two aspect of sacral religious tenet and humanism, the combination between the color must be considered as the combination of the secular mind and the transcendental or magical touch. Because of that, the color usually used in this kind of decoration is usually white color as the symbol of the purity while the furniture usually placed as the supporting decoration can be suited with the general theme of wedding itself.

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The Development in Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas

Wedding ceremony has been held from the ancient time until now. Of course there are some differences between the celebration of it in ancient time and nowadays. Because of that, the decoration of wedding ceremony must be different too because that is influenced by the common culture of the users. While in the ancient time some gothic theme is usually used, for example, in contrary that is usually avoided in present time because of the different ideas behind that. Some people in modern time also usually like to hold it in the common decoration based on their knowledge about the habit of the people around.