Types Of Wood Patio Cover Designs

Outdoor terraces undergo much wear from the weather. For this reason, if want to use wood patio cover designs we must choose the right wood types. By choosing the right wood types, you can extend the life of your patio and your patio cover. They are varying types of the wood. First, local forests. For ideal long-term outdoor structures, it is best to choose local forests. Local forests will better withstand the local climate.

Posted on August 28, 2020 Patio Design

Second, cedar. Cedar is golden brown in appearance and among the most popular wood patio cover designs choices because of its availability, affordability and durability. Third, pine tree. Pine is a softer tree that is lighter in color and appearance. While the guy is cheap, it’s not always the most durable of forest. Fourth, redwood. Redwood is also considered to be a soft tree that has a rich red appearance. But red wood is considered to be quite durable, rough and strong, which makes it good for outdoor constructions.

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Fifth, cypress. Cypress is common in the southern part of the United States and is brownish red, but lighter than red. But like redwood, cypress is resistant to advice and quite durable. Last, teak. Teak is an extremely worn, but extremely expensive tree that can withstand more climates. It is can be the best choices for wood patio cover designs. Because it’s very hard tree with high resistance to root, insects and general damage.