Unique Desk Bell For Great Kitchen

Desk Bell – If you are someone who likes a cup of tea every time, then new bell desk is a great gift idea. Just pop in the buffet in the kitchen, you can press the bell all the time they need the service. The bell itself is made of metal and only a gentle tap which produces high noise! You can also get at the hotel reception. They were green and black with a “ring about tea” words with black letters.

Posted on February 8, 2021 Accessories

A slightly larger version of the swinging desk bell with a walnut base width of 8 inches weighs nearly five kilograms. This is an antique table bell that is suitable for a variety of uses. Solid brass and arches hold tone ANTIQUED medium 4 inch diameter bell. It is including steel and copper “heavy” striker to the ring.

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Big table bell has a better space for engraving and weigh more than four pounds with the base, and nearly five with the striker provided. This is making it a great gift for the office or wherever you need to attract attention. There are various color and size of desk bell you can choose from. You can choose one with unique design for your kitchen table decoration.