Use Flip Fold Laundry Folder

Laundry folder – Folding laundry neatly with flip fold is as simple as A, B, C and D. With just a few tips and directions, you can get all your laundry folded inconsistent manner and size. Put your laundry face down on the Flip Fold table with panels open. Place the laundry in the middle of the board horizontally. Place neck sweater on the top edge of the panel D.

Posted on February 8, 2021 Laundry Room

Fold up any laundry folder of the bottom of the laundry that hangs below the panel C. Make sure that the bottom fold of the laundry is even at the bottom of the panel C. Flip left panel labeled A to the laundry and then return open. This leaves the left side of the laundry folded inward toward the center of the panel D.

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Tilt right panel of laundry folder labeled panel B against the laundry and then flip it open again. This will expand the right side of the laundry to the middle of the panel D. Flip panel A again evenly to fold sleeve with the left side of the laundry. (Skip this step if the laundry is sleeveless.) Flip bottom panel labeled C up to the panel D and then turn it down again. This will bring up the bottom edge of the laundry even with the neck hole.