Budget Friendly Wedding Reception Decor Ideas

Dealing with wedding reception decor is one thing that you cannot avoid in relation to your wedding celebration. Fortunately there are the budget friendly options for any of you who are in a tight budget situation or simply just do not want to spend too many on this part of the wedding. As a matter of fact the ideas are all using common things that you could easily found everyday so that the cost is pretty much low. Regarding the lighting decoration you can simply bring up your white Christmas light out of your basement. It can be hanged on the ceiling, placed around tables, or even simply attached to the potted plants.

Posted on July 10, 2021 Party Decoration

Wedding Reception Decor using Ribbons and Fabrics

Fabric is one great solution regarding the decoration of actually anything. You can get this easily in a low price with many options regarding its color and pattern. Simply get the one in the color and pattern that you like then start applying it. You can cover chairs so that they look like the chairs of a hotel conference room for example. Cover the tables as well for a better look of them. Moreover after covered with fabric you can add ribbons to beautify them further. Especially chair you can simply tie up a large ribbon at the back of the chairs.

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More Decoration for Wedding Reception

If you want to add more decorations to the reception then consider using candles. They are easy to get while also easy to deal with as well. Simply place them on a glass container then place them on the tables for example for a small nice decoration there. Simply displaying the set of photos from your engagement is another way to add more decoration without spending more money. Pick the photos that looks great then place them in several places of the reception area such as the entrance, aside of the cake, or you can even create a spot for the pictures.